The Saladin Affair: The Latest Robbie Cutler Diplomatic Mystery

    The November, 2010 Foreign Service Journal has this to say about the latest Robbie Cutler diplomatic mystery.
     "In this fourth installment of his diplomatic mysteries series, William S. Shepard presents a tale in the tradition of Dashiell Hammett and Dan Brown. Shepard tells an international story that spans six European capitals and 400 years of history. Robbie Cutler, the special assistant to a new Secretary of State, plans to accompany the Secretary on his travels overseas. What Cutler does not plan on is a string of mysteries, including an al-Qaida assassination conspiracy and an enigmatic desk that once belonged to the playwright Christopher Marlowe.
    The author’s experience as a career diplomat invests the novel with an impressive realism, while his authorial skills spin a gripping mystery."
Bill Shepard









    In The Saladin Affair there is a new Administration in Washington, one inclined towards negotiation, diplomacy and the rule of law. Robbie Cutler is now Special Assistant to the new Secretary of State, and his task is to help plan and accompany the Secretary on his Air Force Two trip to Europe, visiting the storied capitals of Dublin, Paris, Vienna, Moscow, Riga and London.

    Along the way, Al Qaeda engineers two assassination plots against the Secretary of State, in a race against time as American security with our allies tries to unmask the plot. At the same time, a rare piece of Victorian furniture in the American Ambassador's residence in Dublin tempts one of her colleagues ... to her murder. It may contain in secret compartments rare, original documents from the greatest English writers, work unseen for centuries.

    Author Bill Shepard accompanied two Secretaries of State on diplomatic trips to Europe and the Far East on Air Force Two. This fast paced novel, based on his experiences, will be a memorable diplomatic mystery read for yourself and friends.

Robbie Cutler Mysteries Now E-Books

    The first two Robbie Cutler Diplomatic Mysteries are now available as e-books for Kindle or iPad viewing, at $2.99 each. "Vintage Murder" is at, and "Murder On The Danube" is at  They are #1 and #2 bestsellers for Kindle diplomatic mysteries on
     "Murder In Dordogne" and "The Saladin Affair" will also be published in e-book editions shortly.