Robbie Cutler Mysteries

Vintage Murder

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Robbie Cutler is a thirtysomething bachelor, and American career diplomat. In Vintage Murder he is Acting Consul General in Bordeaux, France. He meets a lovely reporter, Sylvie Marceau, and together they explore the vineyards, just as terrorists start to move in on the wine region. A murder implicates the Basque terrorist ETA organization, and soon, Robbie's diplomatic life takes second place to his attempt to avoid being killed, while terrorists try to blackmail the great vineyard owners of Bordeaux!

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... "Bill Shepard has adroitly used his knowledge of France to weave a fascinating story. If you like Bordeaux wine read Vintage Murder!" Evan Galbraith, United States Ambassador to France 1981-1985.

Murder on the Danube

In Murder On The Danube, Robbie has been reassigned to the American Embassy in Budapest, Hungary. He meets Sylvie Marceau on vacation in Prague, and they are engaged to be married. And then, the murder of a leading, politically well-connected Hungarian-American on vacation in Budapest leads to a puzzle. Which member of a resistance group during the Hungarian Revolution was actually a spy for the Russians? That person's attempts to cover his tracks now extends to the attempted murder of Robbie Cutler, in a race against time.

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... "In Murder On The Danube, the author brilliantly places an intriguing murder against the background of the Hungarian Revolution. A must read." Istvan Gereben, an eyewitness.

Murder In Dordogne

In Murder In Dordogne, Robbie and Sylvie are on their honeymoon in the scenic and rural Dordogne region of southwest France. The discovery in one of the prehistoric caves honeycombing the region of a skeleton is the first step in Robbie's attempt to solve a long dormant mystery. Who killed the woman, a British agent who had parachuted into the region to help the Resistance during the darkest days of World War Two? And who stole the priceless Van Gogh that was hidden in the castle called the "French White House"? Robbie's life may well depend upon his unravelling this mystery.

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... "Murder In Dordogne is a thoroughly researched yarn... Murder On The Danube reminds me of Eric Ambler's A Coffin for Dimitrios." John Goodspeed. Star-Democrat.