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"America's Unknown Wars" trace our country's history, from Colonial Massachusetts to the Spanish-American War. It's at http://tinyurl.com/82vtxf3.

"Coffee Break Mysteries" are twenty short mysteries for you to solve, when there isn't enough time to read a book! http://tinyurl.com/65znKyx 

Beyond "Gone With The Wind," the Civil War has always fascinated me. Now it's time for a fresh look. Just in time for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, “Maryland In The Civil War” answers the need for a compact and accurate history of this tragic and heroic era. These four essays explore famous battles on Maryland soil such as Antietam, and little known episodes such as Maryland’s invasion of Delaware!  http://amazon.com/dp/B004PYDHWA 

Feel like a break? How about your trip to Singapore? The bar at the Raffles Hotel awaits you, and the friendly bartender has just mixed a fresh batch of Singapore Slings. That's the mood you'll have when you open "Southeast Asian Quartet," four tales of Singapore, Borneo, Malaysia and Indochina. It's at http://tinyurl.com/7fmnd6m

"The Great Detectives" surveys the great detective writers from Edgar Allan Poe to Dashiell Hammett and Philip Marlowe. You'll enjoy finding out how their sleuths were created! It's at http://tinyurl.com/6kgd28t